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Casualty spoilers: Lev’s secret exposed!

Lev threatens Dylan when the doctor reveals he knows his secret
Dylan tells Lev I Know What You Did Last Saturday...! (Image credit: BBC)

Dylan threatens Lev, David’s secret torment revealed and Connie comforts Jacob in Casualty…

Warning: Spoilers about Casualty favourites Dylan, Faith, Lev, David, Connie, Noel, Ethan and Fenisha…

Lev at Dylan’s mercy in Casualty?

Dylan is reeling after spotting Lev passionately kissing an unknown man in the ambulance bay last week and is determined to confront the cheating paramedic!

Dylan isn’t normally concerned with others’ private lives, but Lev (Uriel Emil) is married to Faith, who Dylan (William Beck) happens to be in love with…

Russian paramedic Lev has no idea his secret isn’t safe. Full of regret after sleeping with Xander, a man he met online, Lev actively devotes himself to Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) and their seriously ill son, Luka, who’s receiving cancer treatment…

Dylan, however, believes Lev’s loving father and husband act is a complete sham!

Dylan and Faith together. Will he tell her her husband is a cheat?

Faithless! Is this the moment Dylan tells Faith her husband Lev is a cheat? (Image credit: BBC)

Unsympathetic, Dylan, confronts Lev and reveals he knows that he’s been unfaithful, and exactly who with! Shocked Lev denies everything and physically threatens Dylan, forcing clinical lead Connie Beauchamp to intervene!

But that’s not the end of matters! Later in the shift, Lev spots Dylan deep in conversation with Xander – who has brought his pregnant friend Claudie to the ED - and realises denial isn’t an option. Desperate Lev begs Dylan to keep his secret…

David is haunted by the past

Jason Durr as David when he was hospitalised in 2017

Flashback. A brave exploration of David's hospitalisation in 2017 (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Nurse David Hide (Jason Durr) confronts both his past and his bipolar disorder this week when Casualty explores the reality of his health condition.

Moving between the present day and 2017, for the first time viewers see David’s heart-breaking ordeal when he was sectioned…

Back in Spring 2017 David became seriously ill (opens in new tab) after he stopped taking his medication and put Robyn Miller (Amanda Henderson) and her then unborn baby Charlotte in near-fatal danger.

MORE: Amanda Henderson reveals the reality of shooting harrowing scenes (opens in new tab)

This week, with new wife Rosa back at home, David is struggling with changes to his strict routine. Treating distressed young patient, Matt, who is suffering from psychosis, brings back bad memories for David in this powerfully realised, honest and haunting storyline.

Also in Casualty this week…

Connie is shocked by Lev and Dylan's confrontation

Hostility in Holby ED. Will Connie (Amanda Mealing) get to the root of Lev and Dylan's secrets? (Image credit: BBC)

Noel reveals good news from daughter Honey – she’s going to be a mum! Granddad Noel, it’s got a nice ring to it…

Will Noble (Jack Nolan) battles with the green-eyed monster when he sees his ex Fenisha becoming increasingly closer to Ethan. In Casualty this Saturday secretly pregnant Fenisha bags two tickets to a screening of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but will the delightfully dorky doctor realise it’s a date?

Elsewhere, when she's not refereeing Lev and Dylan, Connie (Amanda Mealing) questions Jacob’s reasons for helping Tina arrange Nate’s funeral. Can she comfort Jacob (Charles Venn) in his hour of grief and guilt?

And finally, during the course of David’s emotional storyline the answer to a burning mystery (7 on this list) (opens in new tab) is revealed, and it's worth the wait. Thank you Casualty! A must watch Casualty episode for fans of David Hide.

This episode of Casualty airs on BBC1 at 8.40pm on Saturday 08 August 2020

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