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Casualty spoilers: Robyn’s horrific baby anguish!

Robyn on duty at the ED in Casaulty
(Image credit: BBC)

Nurse Robyn Miller is distraught when Duffy leaves her daughter alone in the park…

Warning: Contains spoilers about Robyn Miller, Ethan Hardy, Rash Masum and many more Casualty favourites!

Robyn’s worst fears come true

Charlie and Duffy having a heart-to-heart in the car

Can Charlie help Duffy remember where she left Charlotte? (Image credit: BBC)

Nurse Robyn Miller’s worst nightmare comes true this week when her young daughter Charlotte goes missing while in Duffy’s care.

Robyn’s looking forward to a day off with Charlotte when friend and manager Charlie Fairhead ropes her into working because hospital inspectors have descended on Holby ED. Robyn’s reluctant at first, but relents as she trusts Charlie when he says Duffy is fit to babysit, despite her dementia. Yet it’s a decision Robyn (Amanda Henderson) comes to rue all too soon…

Duffy’s delighted to spend time with Charlotte, unaware of Robyn’s anxieties. Everything goes swimmingly until Duffy decides to take Charlotte to the park only to suffer major memory loss. Confused and frightened Duffy makes her way to the one place she can remember, the ED, but completely forgets about Charlotte…

There's a shocking fallout for everyone involved. Can distraught Robyn find Charlotte before she comes to harm?

Read our interview with Amanda Henderson for more on this week’s harrowing story.

Rash returns in Casaulty

Dylan looking annoyed with Rash

You can bet the hospital that Dylan Keogh has some choice words for Rash this week! (Image credit: BBC)

Doctor Rash Masum returns to work this week following his recent altercation with Ethan Hardy…

Rash (Neet Mohan) is determined to prove himself but with junior doctor Mason equally determined to wind him up, and clinical lead Dylan Keogh issuing Rash with a final warning, it is an uphill struggle…

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Also in Casualty this week

Ethan looking perplexed and distracted at work

Ethan opens up to Effie, but isn't prepared for what she has to say about her future... (Image credit: BBC)

Dylan Keogh is on the warpath thanks to hospital inspectors turning up. Fans will NOT be disappointed when he fails to be the host with the most!

Ethan gives Effie the key to his heart/bachelor pad…

And nurse David Hide is in a flap when hospital inspectors arrive at the ED. Can he keep his cool when he's asked to step in and show them around?

Casualty airs on Saturday 16 November at 9.10pm