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Casualty spoilers: Ruby’s drug horror!

Ruby on the phone to Violette while worried Robyn looks on
Ruby and Robyn are frantic with worry after her-next-door calls with unsettling news... (Image credit: BBC)

Ruby’s sister relapses putting baby Harmony’s life in danger. Ethan returns. And Will gets his comeuppance in Casualty!

Everything you need to know about this week’s Casualty

Warning: Contains spoilers!

Ruby races against time in Casualty

Violette is frantic when she wakes up after relapsing

Violette is frantic when she wakes up after relapsing (Image credit: BBC)

Ruby Spark’s world comes crashing down when her sister, Violette, relapses!

Paramedic Ruby (Maddy Hill) has been looking after newborn niece Harmony and living with friend Robyn Miller (Amanda Henderson) while Violette was in rehab. Recently, Ruby cautiously allowed the newly clean Violette (Kelly Gough) back into their lives, while kind-hearted single mum Robyn invited vulnerable Violette to live with them all.

The drama unfolds this week when Violette runs into drug-addict pal Arlo (Will Bliss) while out shopping with her daughter. Although Violette’s bonding with Harmony and determined to start a new life, the temptation to take heroin with Arlo is too much. Later Violette comes-to at Robyn’s home with Arlo passed out on the sofa and Harmony crying in distress. Full of regret she kicks Arlo out, but the damage has been done…

Meanwhile, back at the ED, Robyn’s stunned when her neighbour phones, having spotted dodgy Arlo at her home. Worried Robyn tells Ruby, who instantly phones Violette. Suspicion quickly turns to concern, however, when Ruby realises that Harmony, who has been running a temperature all day, is seriously ill…

Ruby begs Violette to bring Harmony into Holby ED, but the troubled new-mum refuses.

With baby Harmony’s life on the line, can Ruby find them before tragedy strikes?

Where there’s a Will…

Will on the phone with last night's date

Noble by name, but not by nature. Will is about to get his medicine! (Image credit: BBC)

Consultant Will Noble has a spring in his step this week after a fun date night with hospital IT worker Lara.

Unknown to Lara, that’s where the romance ends for Will – until Connie demands a report that’s due…

Under pressure and needing some IT help to finish the report Will (Jack Noble), goes against his strict no-contact rule and calls Lara (Adiza Shardow). At first she’s happy to oblige the sweet-talking medic until she discovers Will’s using her in more ways than one!

Seeing an opportunity for revenge, will Lara give Will a taste of his own medicine?

Ethan returns. Reception: frosty!

Ethan is back at work and worried he's permanently damaged his relationship with Rash

Ethan is back at work and worried he's permanently damaged his relationship with Rash (Image credit: BBC)

Consultant Ethan Hardy returns from his volunteer post in Costa Rica, and gets a frosty reception from junior doctor Rash Masum! Ethan (George Rainsford) wants to know how Rash (Neet Mohan) is coping with colleague Mason Reede’s shock death.

With Rash either ignoring him or snapping at him, will Ethan be forced to take more direct action?

Also this week…

Connie looks on as Archie talks to Megan

Connie suspects Archie is in cahoots with Megan... (Image credit: BBC)

Milo Twomey (A Discovery of Witches, Doctors, Band of Brothers) guest stars as Cristian, an overworked, exhausted dad over-reliant on energy drinks…

Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) gives Will hell for slacking on the report. Later, Connie’s even more displeased when she sees Archie Hudson (Genesis Lynea) deep in conversation with pioneering surgeon, Megan. Is Archie about to be poached?

Dylan has very little to say to Ethan on his return. While elsewhere, Ethan and Will prove themselves to be a bit of a comedy duo!

Speaking to What’s on TV last year George Rainsford, who plays Ethan, explained: “Will and Ethan start to become quite close. There are a lot of similarities between Cal [Ethan’s brother who was murdered in 2017] and Will. They have some nice stuff coming up.”

Casualty airs on BBC1, Saturday 15 February at 9.10pm