Casualty spoilers: Ruby’s stalking nightmare!

Paramedic Ruby (Maddy Hill) faces her worst fears in Casualty
Paramedic Ruby (Maddy Hill) faces her worst fears in <a href="/casualty-home/" data-source-seowords>Casualty</a> (Image credit: BBC)

In Casualty Ruby’s stalking ordeal takes a sinister turn, Connie leaves Ciaran in charge of the ED, and Dylan is confronted by a challenging patient…

There’s a disturbing development in Casualty this week with Ruby Spark’s stalker, Dani Mallison. Back at the ED, Connie disappears for the day, leaving Ciaran at the helm. Meanwhile, Jacob’s sleeping outside his mum’s house, and Dylan’s bedside manner is frostier than usual…

Warning: Lots of Casualty spoilers!

Ruby in danger?

Breaking point! Will furious Jan show Ruby the door?

Breaking point! Will furious Jan show Ruby the door? (Image credit: BBC)

Paramedic Ruby Spark is horrified when she arrives at an accident this week and finds Dani Mallison looming over the patient with a penknife!

Ruby initially took Dani (Georgia Hughes) under her wing when the young carer’s mum died. Now Dani’s fixated on Ruby, secretly installed a tracking device on her phone, stolen her stethoscope, and pretending to be a paramedic!

When Ruby and Iain arrive at an accident, Dani’s about to make an incision in an injured woman’s neck! Ruby and Iain turn up in the nick of time, and Dani runs off. Once the patient is stabilised Ruby realises she can no longer keep her stalking hell a secret.

Back at base paramedic boss Jan (Di Botcher) is furious and reports Dani to the police. Ruby’s facing dismissal from the job she loves. Meanwhile, Dani’s at large and desperate to see Ruby… Is Ruby in danger?

Connie setting Ciaran up for a fall?

Is Connie in the mood for mischief?

Is Connie in the mood for mischief? (Image credit: BBC)

Clinical lead Connie Beauchamp appears calm and collected when she tells trouble-shooter Ciaran Coulson she’s attending a conference for the day and leaving him in charge.

Ciaran’s surprised but wastes no time in implementing a time and motion study, to mixed reactions from the ED staff.

Has Connie got a cunning plan up her designer cuffs? Or will she regret telling Ciaran to make himself at home?

Dylan’s spiritual awakening?

Jade has her hands full between Dylan's demands and a vulnerable patient

Jade has her hands full between Dylan's demands and a vulnerable patient (Image credit: BBC)

Science collides with spiritual healing this week when doctor Dylan Keogh is tasked with treating Magdalena, who prefers alternative therapies to modern medicine.

Dylan is on characteristically scathing form, but will Magdalena (guest star Naomi Sheldon) help unblock his heart chakra?

Also this week…

Jacob realises Ciaran isn't a fan of the 'better late than never' philosophy

Jacob realises Ciaran isn't a fan of the 'better late than never' philosophy (Image credit: BBC)

Desperate to make sure his mum, Omo, is safe, nurse Jacob Masters resorts to sleeping in his car outside her house. Unfortunately Jacob’s efforts to catch manipulative Jet in the act of dealing drugs from his mum’s home make him late for work again. The result is another confrontation with Ciaran!

Meanwhile, Jade is dejected when Marty mocks her dreams of applying for a nursing bursary and Dylan takes her to task for abandoning her larval therapy duties mid-treatment. Jade, however, can’t help coming the aide of deaf patient Jason (William Grint), who is torn between protecting his brother and coming clean to the police when a robbery goes wrong.

Elsewhere, the majority of the ED staff are unimpressed with Ciaran’s attempts to record their every move.

David alone enthusiastically embraces the challenge, while Will and Archie bond over their common enemy.

Will Ciaran have a mutiny on his hands?

Casualty continues on BBC1 this Saturday at 8.25pm

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