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Casualty spoilers: Will Charlie’s shock decision lead to romance for Connie and Jacob?

Charlie with Jacob and Connie
Three's a crowd. There are shocked faces all round when Charlie makes a big decision (Image credit: BBC)

Coming, goings and deeply buried secrets are revealed in this week’s Casualty!

Warning: Casualty spoilers ahead!

Accidental Cupid?

Charlie Fairhead resumes full managerial duties this week and Jacob Masters, is on pins as he clears his stuff out of the senior nurse's office!

Jacob (Charles Venn) still feels guilty for reporting Charlie to Fletch. Jacob, however, doesn’t have to face Charlie alone...

Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) is on hand for moral support - which Jacob’s going to need when Charlie makes a surprising decision about his future at the ED!

Ffion with Jan

First look! Ffion with Jan (Image credit: BBC)

By the end of his shift, Charlie realises that it’s time for change. He makes a shock announcement to Connie and Jacob … Will Charlie’s actions bring Connie and Jacob closer together?

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Ffion's first appearance!

Elsewhere, rookie paramedic Fenisha lands boss Jan in hot water with her other half, Ffion on the day of the couple's anniversary. Is there trouble for Jan at home when Ffion catches out her lies?

Welcome to Holby-land Stirling Gallacher!

Lev revealed!

Viewers are also treated to fascinating glimpse into Lev’s childhood in Russia. It’s true what they say, still waters run deep…

Lev and Faith

Losing his Faith? Both Lev and his wife are keeping secrets... (Image credit: BBC)

This week Lev is reminded of his past when he treats a young Russian man in need of urgent medical help. The fearless paramedic is clearly struggling with his present too. Is a crisis looming for Lev and wife Faith?