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Catchpoint – BBC1

(Image credit: BBC/12 Yard/ Graeme Hunter)

Paddy McGuinness hosts Catchpoint, a new game show in which contestants have to think fast as they answer questions while trying to catch balls from the studio ceiling

Paddy McGuinness presents this chaotic new Saturday night game show where contestants need both brains and balls to succeed!

Here’s how it works: 10 large screens run along the back wall of an area called the Catch Zone.

What the players have to do is stand in front of the screen they think displays the correct answer to a given question.

Above the Catch Zone are 10 trapdoors. A ball is dropped from the trapdoor above the screen with the correct answer – and all the contestant has to do is catch it!

Sounds simple enough… but the players soon discover that it’s not as easy as it looks.

This show is lots of fun and Paddy makes the perfect host!

TV Times rating: ****


Host: Paddy McGuinness

Here, Paddy, 45, tells TV Times more…

How would you describe Catchpoint?

It’s simple; it’s just answering questions and catching balls!

The good thing about this game is, even if you get a question wrong, as long as you catch the ball, you can still win the money.

Have you played the game?

Yes, I walked on set thinking I was Charlie Big Time. I said, ‘Go on, let one go…’ and I missed it! It’s more difficult than it looks!

During filming, balls would randomly start dropping everywhere and I was like, ‘Can someone warn me that that’s gonna happen?!’ But I like that it has a chaotic element.

Do you get to have some fun with the contestants?

Yes. I like any show where, as a host, I can be a bit ‘looser’, like on Take Me Out, where I get some free rein to wander about, have a laugh chatting to the contestants and go ‘off-piste’.

What’s your top game show?

I don’t think it’s about the shows, it’s about where you were in your life when you were watching them.

As a kid, I loved The Generation Game because my mum liked it and we’d sit together laughing.

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