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Charlie’s emergency mission to Romania

(Image credit: BBC)

Nurse, Charlie Fairhead, and Holby City ED’s clinical lead, Connie Beauchamp, are in Romania for a very special episode!

They’ve come to Bucharest to look for Charlie’s son, Louis, who’s been hospitalised by Romanian criminals. And it soon emerges Louis has gotten himself into serious trouble. Charlie is staggered to discover his son’s a heroin addict who’s planning to pay off his drug debts by selling his kidney!

Meanwhile, Connie connects with handsome Romanian doctor, Alex, and ends up spending the night with him after she and Charlie have a massive row and go their separate ways!

Later, Charlie and Connie track down Louis to the illegal theatre where Alex is operating on him. Shocked and betrayed Connie intervenes and saves Louis. But with no time to lose Charlie drags Louis to his parked rental car, to get him from the now-murderous Romanian gangsters. With head honcho, Cristian, hot on their heels, Charlie swerves into his pursuer’s car, causing it flip violently!

Viewers are left wondering if Charlie’s killed Cristian…