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Chas knocks herself unconscious!

Totally freaked out, Chas legs it out of the house, thinking Robert is after her. She doesn’t realise she’s imagining the whole scary scenario and as she runs into the woods, Chas’s panic rages off the scale when she hears voices and a gun shot. Terrified, Chas trips and takes a bad fall, which knocks her out!

As she lays unconscious, outside in the freezing cold, will anyone realise and come to find her?

Meanwhile, unaware of what’s happened Cain and Aaron are really worried about Chas’s state of mind – but Emma’s suggestion that Chas’s issues could be down to post traumatic stress disorder leaves Cain unconvinced.

At the hospital, Diane is wheeled in for cancer surgery. Robert and Andy are worried for her, but also for themselves as Robert reckons Aaron has worked out who was behind Robert’s shooting.

Gabby asks Pollard if she can look through Val’s jewellery to find a necklace that her mum, Bernice, lent his late wife. Pollard explodes and refuses, leaving Gabby to suggest to Lachlan that they break in to retrieve it themselves!


Sarah Waterfall
Sarah Waterfall

Sarah has been writing about soaps for over 20 years! She’s worked for Hello!, WOMAN, PA News, Closer, TVeasy – and is currently What’s On TV's Soap editor as well as writing for 

She’s interviewed tons of famous people from movie stars to pop stars, TV stars and of course, soap stars. The soaps have always been at the heart of Sarah's work; visiting the sets, getting the goss, and writing about all the soapy shenanigans week in week out, earning her a place on the judging panel for The British Soap Awards in 2017 and 2018 and on the BAFTA TV Awards in 2022 … and the nickname Soapbird!