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Sneaky Chesney feigns food poisoning – and blames Daniel!

Chesney in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Will Sinead believe Chesney when he tells her Daniel is out to get him?

When Sinead apologises to Daniel for Chesney’s insensitivity he’s unnerved and, clutching his stomach, he fakes food poisoning and hurries out of the bistro. Sinead follows him, concerned. Making out he’s in agony, Chesney suggests that someone might have tampered with his meal, insinuating it may have been Daniel. Sinead’s given food for thought.

Faye tells Seb that Phelan’s a liar but Seb remains adamant that Anna’s responsible.

In a bid to bury the hatchet, Michelle tells Kate that she’s welcome to use their flat if she wants to meet up with Rana in private.