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Christmas Day terror for the Beales and Mitchells

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

In this hour-long Christmas Day episode, Ian is determined to make Christmas special for Kathy, as well as surprising Jane with a new car. When the Mitchells arrive for Christmas dinner, things soon go downhill after Ian learns of Sharon's plans. With the Beales determined to protect Bobby, and Sharon intent on protecting her own family, they tear each other apart.

Meanwhile, Bobby and Dennis's own hostilities step up, causing a catalogue of incidents that leave lives hanging in the balance after a devastating car crash...

Stacey returns home with her new baby, but Kush and Carmel are feeling paranoid, wondering if Shabnam will guess that Kush is the baby's father. Confronting Stacey about the secrets, Shabnam wants to know the truth. In another shock for Stacey, Kat returns to the Square!

Dean surprises Roxy with an engagement ring and reveals he's got them a new flat away from the Square. His mood soon sours when Shirley, Buster and Jade head to The Vic for a drink. After the events of the previous year, the Carters are determined to have a lovely Christmas Day. Mick surprises Linda and Shirley with touching presents.

Also, Ronnie is in a panic after Jack Branning's shock return to the square.