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Clare finds Tom!

Tom is still terrified that Clare will turn up at any time and the unsuspecting youngster wets himself when he sees her in The Dog car park - she's back! He confides in Jack and when Dr. Browning overhears Clare's name he tells Darren and Jack what's happened to Mercedes. Things go from bad to worse when Tom stays off school, terrified of Clare coming to get him, unaware she's already on her way.

Mercedes and Browning try to escape but it's easier said than done with three savage dogs guarding their cage. Mercedes pleads as Paul starts to lose consciousness and eventually passes out - she's on her own again. Elsewhere, Jim decides to call the police and when they track a signal on Browning's phone, they're able to find the locked-up lovers. However, Paul won't wake up!

Will is having a Sylvester Stallone-themed stag night but, worried about what Texas is up to on her hen night, he asks Leanne to come and meet him. When he sees her it's clear she is having second thoughts.

Also, Carmel begins to see Jim in a new light.