Connie, help me die!

(Image credit: BBC/Warren Orchard)

In a moving moment this week Motor Neurone Disease sufferer Alfred Maxwell begs Holby City’s clinical lead, Connie Beauchamp to help him die…

Holby ED’s clinical lead, Connie Beauchamp, has no shortage of troubles. At work the nurses continue their unofficial campaign of working to rule, in protest of Connie’s demanding management style. And at home she desperately misses her young daughter, Grace, who’s moved to New York to live with her dad.

The one thing giving Connie a sense of purpose is her new friendship with celebrated surgeon, Alfred Maxwell, played by former Coronation Street star, Michael Byrne. So when the elderly sufferer of Motor Neuron Disease winds up back at the hospital after a minor car collision this week, Connie is quick to take over his care.

Connie’s adamant they can prolong the terminally ill man’s life, but her insistence they must fight this together upsets Alfred. The lonely widower no longer wants to delay his inevitable death with medicine, and angrily tells Connie in no uncertain terms he’s dying!

Later, when a young patient collapses in front of him, and he can do nothing to help her, Alfred’s despair reaches new depths. He reveals to Connie he’s now lost the use of his hands – his last bit of independence – and begs her to help him die.

Elsewhere, Ethan discovers his £15, 000 inheritance has gone missing from his bank account. His brother, Cal, is forced to confess he ‘borrowed’ it to donate to new girlfriend Taylor’s charity. And, adding insult to injury he’s planning to use their mother’s engagement ring to propose to Taylor… the ring their mother left to Ethan in her will!

Meanwhile, Taylor is nowhere to be found and Cal is eventually forced to accept he’s been stitched up!

Also, paramedic Iain applies for a new job, and his partner Dixie promises him a good reference.

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