Coronation Street spoilers: Has Eileen Grimshaw finally rumbled Jan?

Eileen Grimshaw, Coronation Street, Jan
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Eileen Grimshaw follows her instincts...and Jan!

Eileen Grimshaw quizzes Jan in Coronation Street about him being spotted at the hospital. He insists he was working in Birmingham but something is niggling her and she heads to the salon where she finds Jan, Nikolai and Rachel hastily putting all the fixtures and fittings into a van. Gary calls in the flower shop and rifles through the desk drawers in search of his money. Mary assures him that the drawers were empty when she took ownership.

Ryan tells a thrilled Alya he’s sold some vinyl so he can now afford to join her in Copenhagen. Gary tackles Ryan over the missing money but he swears blind he knows nothing about it. When Alya lets slip that Ryan has come into some money, Gary quietly fumes.

Gary Winass, Coronation Street, Alya

Gary Windass quietly fumes when Alya lets slip that Ryan has come into some money

Toyah frets about the flat purchase, unhappy at the thought of ripping off Claudia. Unable to live with the guilt, she steals herself to tell Claudia the truth but will she go through with it? Carla refuses to go out for lunch with Peter and instead heads over to Sally’s hot tub. Emma agrees to babysit Joseph for Gemma instead of going to the hospital to visit her dad.

First episode of Coronation Street this evening.

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