Coronation Street spoilers: Fiz Stape is pushed to breaking point!

Coronation Street spoilers: Hope pushes Fiz Stape to breaking point!

Fiz Stape flies into a rage when she finds a lighter in Hope’s doll

Fiz Stape and Tyrone decide that they need to be tougher with Hope in Wednesday's second episode of Coronation Street (8.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings), while Jade expresses her concerns regarding Fiz’s parenting skills to Evelyn. In a fit of rage after discovering a cigarette lighter in Hope’s doll, Fiz smashes her iPad. Meanwhile, Jade reveals a secret…

Coronation Street spoilers: Hope pushes Fiz Stape to breaking point!

Is Fiz's discovery the last straw for Hope?

Nick tries to convince the factory girls there’s more money in packing, but Sarah reveals she’s got a better plan to make bespoke products and sell them direct to the public. The girls and Nick are impressed.

Nick and the factory girls

Nick and the girls are surprised by Sarah's suggestion...

Roy looks after Richard and realises the strain it must be putting on Nina. But Nina is infuriated when Roy calls adult social services and requests a re-assessment of Richard’s situation, tearing a strip off him for interfering.

Andy assures Paul that the hardest part is over and that his next step would be to make a statement with the police about Kel. Paul feels that a weight has been lifted off his shoulders and realise he no longer sees himself as a victim.

Determined to take him for every penny, Michelle tells Robert she wants to go ahead with the wedding.

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