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Coronation Street spoilers: Ray blackmails David Platt!

Coronation Street spoilers: Ray blackmails David Platt!

Ray thinks he has David Platt right where he wants him…

Nursing a hangover, Shona apologises to David Platt for messing things up yet again in tonight's first episode of Coronation Street. See our TV Guide for full listings.

David assures her it’s okay, but it’s clear her behaviour is weighing him down and the situation is not helped when, having watched the CCTV, Ray orders David to drop his campaign against the planning application.

Ray threatens David by telling him that unless he does what he says, he'll report Shona to the police for breaking into the Bistro and stealing cocktails.

Coronation Street spoilers: Ray blackmails David Platt!

Shona's behaviour makes things difficult for David

Across the street Leanne starts packing away Oliver’s toys, but she’s overcome with grief.

A stressed Natasha tracks Nick down to the bistro and reveals that Sam’s gone missing as she told him that she has a new job and they are moving to London.

Elsewhere, Chesney and Gemma are worried about how they’re going to fund Christmas.

Chesney urges Gemma to get down to the fitness centre and flog some of her new makeup range - but will it be enough?

Chesney and Gemma worry about money

Chesney and Gemma worry about money

Billy senses Paul’s anxiety and wonders if it’s to do with the helpline but he insists he’s fine.

Manipulative Todd suggests to Paul that he should spoil Billy with a takeaway and a quiet night in. Later, Will calls Paul and makes out he’s having a crisis and Paul agrees to meet up with him.

Paul is grateful when Todd offers to smooth things over with Billy and lie on his behalf.

Also, a police officer approaches Sarah and questions her about Rick’s watch and she does her best to cover her tracks.

But when Maria finds out from Bernie that she found a watch in the woods and Gary was desperate to get his hands on it, her mind races.