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Coronation Street spoilers: Robert Preston and Jed square up!

Robert Preston and Jed square up in Coronation Street

Vicky must make her decision as Robert Preston an Jed confront each other

Coronation Street's Robert Preston arrives at Vicky’s to find Jed there and Vicky packing her bags. As the two men square up to each other Vicky tells them to leave her alone whilst she makes her decision. Who will Vicky choose?

Robert Preston, Jed, Coronation Street

Robert Preston and Jed are ready for a rumble!

Seb asks Faye to go the salon and give a note to Alina. When another girl does her nails Faye asks her to pass Alina the note. Seb is delighted when he gets a text from Alina asking him to meet her at the salon after work but as he arrives he is confronted by Nikolai!

In the corner shop, Mary’s shocked to discover Evelyn is marking the prices down on goods she wants to purchase herself. When Mary threatens to report her to Dev, Evelyn bars her from the shop.

Evelyn, Mary, Coronation Street

Mary’s shocked to discover Evelyn is marking the prices down

Imran uses insider information to offer Claudia £10k under the asking price for her flat - he knows the bail hostel plans have been dropped but she doesn’t.

Taking out a wad of Rick’s money, Gary stashes it in a desk drawer, before heading off on some dodgy business leaving Ryan to mind the furniture shop.

First episode of Coronation Street this evening.