Coronation Street spoilers: Sinead Osbourne makes a heartbreaking decision…

Coronation Street, ITV, Sinead

Sinead Osbourne makes a big decision after an argument with Daniel

Sinead Osbourne accuses Daniel in Coronation Street of wanting her to die sooner because he can’t cope. Later, Daniel turns up for work, desperate to escape the atmosphere at home, meanwhile Sinead’s hair falls out as Beth brushes it.

And she regrets her harsh words to Daniel. Sinead declares to Daniel that she’s going to try one more round of chemo and if she still feels dreadful, it will be her last.

Sinead, Coronation Street

Sinead declares she will only try one more round of chemo

Billy asks Paul to talk to him about Kel but Paul is sick of Billy. Billy seeks advice from David and David advises Billy that he can’t force someone to confide while they are in denial. When Billy tells Paul he’s going to back off, Paul accuses Billy of abandoning him, leaving Billy unsure what to do next.

Billy, Paul, Coronation Street

Billy is unsure how to help Paul

Bethany agrees to a drink with James. Audrey’s surprised to see Bethany on a date with James in the Rovers. Bethany agrees to join James at Ed’s surprise party.

Derek confesses to Izzy that he has a terrible drink problem and when Izzy offers to support Derek in his battle against the booze, he asks her on a date.  Toyah recommends professional help to Ali after seeing him overwhelmed in the street but he remains reluctant.

Second episode of Coronation Street tonight.

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