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Coronation Street spoilers: Will Peter Barlow die after being shot?!

Peter in coronation street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Peter Barlow lies on the floor aftr a gun shot rings out and Tyler’s car speeds off.

Tyler fires his gun, hitting Peter Barlow square in the chest in a shocking Coronation Street scene. As Tyler’s car speeds off, Carla screams at the sight of Peter.

Will Peter survive? Simon tells Leanne that Tyler’s won and he won’t testify in court. Seeing her son’s terror, Leanne has a go at Carla for putting Simon at risk. As Carla worries about Peter, Michelle accuses her of still having feelings for him, will Carla finally admit she’s right? Later, Simon announces he will go to court after all. Leanne fears what’s in store for Simon.

Simon Barlow in Coronation Street

Jude refuses to accept Angie’s decision and bolts out of the house. In total denial about the end of his marriage, he shows Mary a dress he’s bought for Angie for the vow renewal. When Jude asks Angie to wait one more day before going public with their split, will she agree?

Jude Appleton in coronation street

Gina suggests throwing a party for Jack’s homecoming. At Tim’s suggestion, County mascot Kirk secures footballer Tommy Orpington as a celebrity guest.

Sinead’s jealous when Daniel turns on the charm to persuade Carla to let her finish the coat alteration at the factory. As Sinead works on the coat, Daniel helps himself to a load of offcuts.

Second episode of Coronation Street this evening.