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Corrie Live: Is it the end for Callum?

*Hour-long Live Episode*

Tony and Todd both have a dark side to draw on as they plot to hit Callum where it hurts, but they may have met their match in him. Meanwhile, Callum is closing in on the Platts and it seems they have nowhere left to run...

But with Denton on his trail as well as Todd and Tony and the Platts, is the game up for the twisted drug dealer?

With her wedding to Tim just around the corner Sally should be every inch the blushing bride. Instead Sally’s tormented by guilt following a forbidden kiss with Kevin. Sally knows she made a mistake and is desperate to ensure her wedding goes ahead, but it’s too late when Tim finds out about her kiss with Kevin!

Cathy steels herself to reveal her feelings to Roy. But is his preoccupation with the past going to get in the way of new love?

The Street throw a farewell for Andrea and Lloyd and it’s clear that Steve will miss his friend...

This live Coronation Street episode is a celebration of ITV's 60th anniversary