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Dean proposes to Roxy!

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron Mccarron)

Dean is horrified to discover Blades has been trashed, turning on Roxy and blaming her for leaving the keys in the door. It doesn't take Dean long to work out that Ronnie is to blame. Dean announces in front of Roxy that Ronnie has offered to renovate the salon. Determined not to be manipulated by Dean, Ronnie shares a harsh truth. Outraged by Ronnie's words, Roxy accepts when a scheming Dean proposes!

Mick promises Shirley that he'll tell Linda about them when she returns but he wants to keep things quiet for now. When Mick realises that Elaine thinks he's having an affair, he makes an angry denial. The penny drops for Elaine when she finds out Mick was with Shirley earlier in the day, prompting her to blow up at him for seeing Shirley behind Linda's back.

Kim decides to remind Vincent of what he's missing after some words of advice from Carmel. Her plan comes to an embarrassing end when she breaks her heel and falls over! But it's not long before Kim is back in Vincent's arms.

Also, a drunk Billy calls Honey - who is in Kent with William - and leaves a saucy message on her voicemail.