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Hottie alert! Debbie Dingle's new client Tom in Emmerdale is a hunk

Debbie meets new client Tom and is taken aback to find he's young and hot as well as rich!

Debbie wants to seal the deal with a loaded new client and it's time for her to meet the main man. Having negotiated with his assistant Graham, Debbie's led up to a penthouse to meet the mogul, Tom. Expecting an ageing, rich sugar daddy type, Debbie's introduced to Tom and assumes the young handsome man is a butler! After mortified Debbie's mistake is rectified, will she and Tom end up getting along? Is Ross about to get a rival for the single mum's affections?

Feeling protective over her sister Tracy, Vanessa is determined to keep her safe from harm. Suspecting Leyla has still got a thing for David, Vanessa confronts her and threatens to tell Tracy… not realising that Megan has overheard every word.

At the salon, Kerry helps out Dan's estranged and homeless brother Daz, again, and offers him some work to tide him over.