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Denny and Ash kiss

(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

Denny gives Ash her number, as the pair can no longer avoid the spark between them; although she feels guilty for wanting to move on after Casey. John makes her realise Casey will always have a place in her heart. She asks to meet Ash at the pier and the pair kiss.

VJ and Jett beg Marilyn to let them fight in a real boxing match, but she refuses. Seeing how upset they are, John and Zac promise the boys if they work really hard and get fit they can participate in a match. The boys don't realise it's a trap to wear them down and give up boxing.

Ricky forgives Ash and receives a call from the prison telling her she can now see Brax. But Ricky suddenly becomes angry with Brax and starts to have second thoughts about their relationship.

Matt tells Sasha transferring to the local university is a stupid idea. Sasha will be giving up a prestigious journalism degree from a great institution for a general arts degree. Sasha says she's transferring tomorrow, but Matt dumps her.