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Diane goes in search of midwife Mariam

Tony finds out that the midwife, Mariam, who delivered Ant and Dee Dee, was sacked for misconduct. Diane refuses to believe that Dee Dee isn’t her daughter, but the Lomaxes are desperate for Dee Dee to be tested as a bone marrow donor for Tegan. Ste finds Mariam’s address for Diane and Tony and they turn up at her door.

Elsewhere, Dr S'avage delivers the sad new that Tegan's condition is deteriorating rapidly and Leela and Ste are scared when Tegan loses consciousness during their fake birthday party for Rose. In desperation, Ziggy snatches Dee Dee from Diane's flat.

Later, Mariam turns up at the hospital and it’s revealed that she used to be married to Dr S’avage.