Did Mo hurt Hector?

Holby Mo Effanga

When baby Hector is admitted to Holby with unexplained injuries, the spotlight falls on Mo...

Mo Effanga arrives at work feeling frazzled as her baby son Hector hasn't been sleeping. When she hands the tot over to his dad, Mr T, he grows concerned about Hector's breathing and rushes him into the hospital, where Jac Naylor listens to his chest. Jac then discovers Hector has fresh bruising and a CT scan reveals he's got a broken rib.

As Hector has only been in Mo's care overnight, Mr T wonders whether she may have injured him by accident and confronts her. Mr T tells Mo she hasn't been herself since her patient Trixie died, but Mo's adamant she did NOT hurt her son.

Mo's certain Hector has brittle bone disease – but when his test results come back negative, Mo concludes she must have dropped him but can't remember. Can Mo prove her innocence? And will the incident put a strain on Mo and Mr T's relationship?

Meanwhile, with Dominic trying to recruit a team for the Holby Half Marathon, Essie uses her feminine wiles to persuade one-time flame Raf to sign up. Raf's unimpressed, though, when he realises she's just been teasing him, and makes a shock admission…

Also, aware that her ex-husband Matteo has got his eye on her, Nina intends to be ever the professional on her first day as locum on AAU. But when she and Matteo receive some devastating news, is Nina prepared for a future at Holby?


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