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Dingle dog drama alert: Alfie is off his food in Emmerdale!


The Dingles' beloved dog Alfie has gone off his food leaving Sam worried about the family pet

With their home set to be torn down by the council, the Dingles have got a lot on their plate right now. And so has their dog Alfie, who's stopped eating his food! Sam is really worried when he notices Alfie's bowl of grub has gone untouched. Quick Sam, call Paddy…

Meanwhile, Lisa is wracked with guilt about her going behind Zak's back about the house. She feels even worse when daughter Belle assures her they'll cope no matter what.

As Zak vows that no one is going to get in the way of a Dingle Christmas, Lisa secretly telephones Morris, the man from the council, and arranges to meet him… Lisa! What the 'eck?