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Doctors spoilers: James Coulter is offered an exciting job opportunity

Doctors, James Coulter, Karen Hollins, Rob Hollins

Local businessman Ivan Bloom wants to offer James a job. But on the day of the job interview will his autism get in the way?

After all the drama in the Hollins household of late, there is finally some good news when Dr Emma Reid arrives to tell Karen and Rob Hollins that local businessman Ivan Bloom may have an exciting job opportunity for their former foster son, James Coulter.

Ivan has been following reports about autistic James online and also wants to make a donation to Karen's crowdfuding campaign to help James.

James is naturally nervous but Karen and Rob urge him to go for it! If he meets with Ivan, he could end up with a job. But will James's autism get in the way and stop him making a good impression on Ivan?

Meanwhile, despite getting into trouble over the megaphone incident, Dr Zara Carmichael is all fired-up again when she discovers her son Joe has been invited to be elected as a school councillor. Zara's competitive side kicks into gear and she is determined to make sure Joe is a winner!

At the surgery, plans are still underway for Dinner Winner, the dinner party competition. But receptionist Valerie Pitman is already getting on Emma's nerves with her over-the-top enthusiasm for the challenge.

Doctors, Darren Allen, Sally Morden

Are Sally Morden and charity volunteer Darren Allen taking advantage of a war veteran's sight and hearing problems? (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, Mrs Tembe meets a war veteran Leonard Morden. But will the no-nonsense Practice Manager step in when she feels Leonard is being taken advantage of by his daughter Sally and charity volunteer, Darren Allen?

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