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Doctors spoilers: Dr Jimmi Clay helps DI Mark Addison investigate a case of female trafficking

Doctors, DI Mark Addison

Jimmi treats a patient called Amena and discovers she was trafficked from Syria along with her now missing sister, Rasha...

When a police drugs bust at a local warehouse in Letherbridge goes wrong and the drug dealers escape, Dr Jimmi Clay treats an injured girl Ameena Hassoon, the only witness to the crime. DI Mark Addison suspects Ameena has some kind of connection to infamous drug dealer Dean Larson, and is determined to use her to catch the criminal.

However, when Addison gets too tough with his questioning, Jimmi steps in to protect frightened Ameena, who he soon discovers is a refugee who was trafficked from Syria along with her now missing sister Rasha. If Ameena helps the police catch Dean Larson, will it also lead to the whereabouts of Rasha?

Meanwhile, midwife Ruhma Carter is still feeling down in the dumps after the mistake she made with young mum Natalie Summers and her baby Jasmine.

So, Ruhma's husband Dr Heston Carter decides to try and cheer her up, with a trip to an outdoors camping shop. And things take a comedy turn when Heston struggles to get to grips with an inflatable tent!

Doctors, Rob Hollins

Why is Rob feeling out of sorts? (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, it's a busy Saturday at the Hollins house and Karen has a long list of things to do. However, there's something up with Karen's hubby Rob, as he doesn't seem to be his usual self. Is it a case of 'man flu'. Or is there something else bothering Rob?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One