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Doctors spoilers: Ruhma Carter reveals her SHOCK secret...

Doctors, Ruhma Carter, Ayesha Lee

As Ruhma Carter continues to mishear those around her, the midwife confesses to colleague Ayesha that she is losing her hearing...

Ayesha Lee is amused when midwife Ruhma Carter mishears a surgery patient. But when Ruhma then has a misunderstanding with Dr Al Haskey after another mishearing, Ayesha begins to sense something is wrong.

Having been secretly investigating her condition, Ruhma finally comes clean to Ayesha that she is losing her hearing...

Meanwhile, Al along with Valerie Pitman, Jimmi Clay and Emma Reid are all wondering who will be crowned the ultimate winner of their Come Dine With Me-style competition.

Could Al have the edge because of the strange events of Halloween night involving a Ouija Board and Valerie 'possessed'? All will be revealed!

Also, Dr Zara Carmichael and surgery receptionist Karen Hollins help a homeless woman, Leanne Croft, who is worried she's going to lose her factory job amid rumours the factory boss Hugh Spencer has been sexually harassing her.

Doctors, Zara Carmichael, Karen Hollins, Leanne Croft

Can Zara and Karen help homeless Leanne? (Picture: BBC)

However, is there more to the goings on at the factory than meets the eye?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One