Doctors spoilers: Zara is struggling with her emotions

Doctors Zara Carmichael
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Zara is finding life hard after the letter she received

After the letter she received, Zara is still struggling to contain her emotions. She tells Daniel she has a migraine and is taking the day off work. Daniel heads off to work without Zara and is furious to see posters of Amanda's massage service plastered all over the surgery walls. Will Daniel be able to convince the partners that promoting Amanda's services isn't a good idea? Later, Daniel is shocked to find out that Sid came to the house and Zara never mentioned it. Will Daniel finally find out why Zara has been acting so out of character?

Valerie tells Emma about her plans to organise a day trip for the residents for the elderly care home she is volunteering for and Emma thinks that Al should encourage his mum to go on the trip. However, Al isn't convinced that Valerie is a suitable chaperone…

Also, Karen decides to take the day off to spend time with James in order to cheer him up. However, by spending more time with him, she suspects he may have OCD. Could she be right?


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