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Dom loses it with Sacha!

As everyone at Holby is reeling from the challenging events of last week, Dr Dominic Copeland is finding it really difficult to cope. Consultant Sacha Levy is worried about Dom - but the young doc just wants to focus on work. Dom's left unsettled by patient, Marisa, who has abdominal injuries following a train derailment but he insists on seeing Marisa's case through, especially when scans reveal she has internal bleeding. Dom explains she'll need surgery – but a petrified Marisa refuses to have the op until Dom says he’ll perform the surgery himself.

Sacha, however, doesn’t think Dom’s in the right frame of mind to lead the procedure, yet Dom insists on keeping his promise to Marisa. But when Dom then freezes in theatre, Sacha's forced to take over. Outside, furious with being undermined, Dom confronts Sacha! But it seems it's not just Sacha who's on the receiving end of Dom's rage and, later, when he struggles to find something belonging to Marisa, he flips out in front of the entire ward… and Holby boss Hanssen sees his outburst. Has Dom put his job in jeopardy?

Meanwhile, when the train derailment overloads the hospital with the critically injured, Bernie's army training comes to the fore as she organises AAU like a well-oiled trauma hospital. But when the mother of a young train victim overpowers Bernie with her grief, Bernie's forced to confront her own failings as a mother.

Also, Ollie offers Zosia a friendly shoulder to cry on following their break-up. Is their romance about to be rekindled?