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Dominic's back on the wards!

(Image credit: BBC)

Arthur Digby's stunned this week when he discovers junior doctor Dominic Copeland has returned to work at Holby. Arthur's still annoyed with Dom for lying under oath as an act of revenge against his former mentor Antoine Malick, who had rejected his advances. Arthur tries to discredit Dom in front of Zosia - but Dom's bad boy reputation just serves to impress her. Later, Arthur returns home to cook a special meal for Zosia, only to discover she's invited Dom to be their flatmate! Will the pair ever become friends?

Elsewhere, there's another new arrival in the shape of Adele Effanga, Holby's new health care assistant (HCA) and, more importantly, the younger sister of Darwin transplant surgeon, Mo. Bubbly Adele is more used to dealing with drunks as a holiday rep in Ayia Napa than vulnerable patients and Mo doubts she'll last a day at Holby. Can Adele prove her sister wrong? 

Also, Colette's annoyed when she realises Holby boss Guy cut a few corners to get her the job as director of nursing, and suddenly finds herself under scrutiny from HR. Will she buckle under the pressure - or prove she's more than up to the job?