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Dot is in danger after her nasty fall!

EastEnders - Dot Branning
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

After Dot has a bad fall, will anyone get to her in time to help her?

Dot is injured and unable to move after falling over the cat. With no way of raising the alarm, she is forced to wait for help. When Patrick comes round to see her, she shouts out for help. But he fails to hear her and goes on his way. Dot is finally saved when Sonia arrives, finding poor Dot in agony.

Derek is on edge after Yolande’s visit. Things don’t get any better when he later has an upsetting run-in with Keegan. When Derek receives some bad news, it's  the last straw. Spotting Johnny, Derek takes his frustration out on him,. Derek questions why Johnny didn’t step in to defend him when he heard what Keegan was saying.

Mick is  increasingly stressed about arranging the 40th birthday party for Linda. Shirley is concerned that Mick is getting too worked up about making it perfect. Mick is grateful when Shirley comes up with a brilliant idea for Linda's birthday present.

Also, Donna’s not impressed with new market inspector Robbie Jackson!