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Dr Valentine returns to Holby!

(Image credit: BBC)

Dr Oliver Valentine left Holby City in July 2013, following the death of his wife and fellow doctor, Tara Lo. He returned last Christmas, as a patient, and surgeon Elliot Hope saved his life, as Ollie became the first person to be fitted with the pioneering Kibo heart device. Now, following a stint working in a field hospital in Mexico, Ollie returns to Holby this week, as Darwin’s new registrar, but he seems far from happy to be back.

When student Rosie is admitted, she's soon testing Ollie's patience with a ketchup-splattered practical joke. Ollie's medical skills seem a little rusty too, which doesn’t go unnoticed by anaesthetist, Jesse Law. Ollie's shortcuts start causing problems, though, when prankster Rosie appears distressed. When he admits he didn't order a chest X-ray, Jesse tells him to sort out his attitude! Will Ollie question whether he really wants to be back at Holby?

New CEO Henrik Hanssen rallies the staff as Holby deals with a major incident. His arrival is an unpleasant surprise, however, for Guy, who finds his neuro funding vetoed and surgical judgment questioned. Meanwhile, Zosia gets a shock when she discovers consultant neurosurgeon Annabelle has a brain tumour. Will she be able to keep Annabelle's secret?

Also, faced with mounting debts, an expensive school trip for his daughter Evie is the last thing Fletch needs. Fletch is pleased to see his old mate paramedic Dixie (Casualty's Jane Hazlegrove), when she brings in injured cab driver, Mike. When Mike tells Fletch about a sure-fire tip he has for the horses, Fletch asks a reluctant Dixie to the bet on for him. But will it be worth the gamble?