EastEnders spoilers: Bailey Baker returns home to her family!

Bailey Baker returns home in EastEnders
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Bailey Baker finally comes out of hiding, Bernadette Taylor puts her relationship with Molly in jeopardy and Mick Carter is being stalked...

Runaway Bailey Baker is found by Denise Fox in Monday’s episode of EastEnders (8.05pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Bernadette Taylor is excited about her new relationship with Molly, as all seems to be going well. But when Molly suggests that they go on holiday together, her face falls.

Explaining that her family are completely skint and every last penny she has goes on helping them, Bernie feels down. 

Molly asks Bernie to forget about the surrogacy in EastEnders

Bernadette Taylor is worried she's going to lose Molly over her plans

She then blurts out that she should be coming into some money soon, as she’s agreed to have a baby for a childless Rainie Highway and her husband Stuart Highway.

Molly is stunned by this revelation. She asks what her mum Karen Taylor feels about her being a surrogate and Bernie’s forced to admit she hasn’t told her. 

After Bernie begs Molly to keep the news to herself, Molly is left conflicted. She tells her that she’s not sure their relationship can continue if Bernie goes ahead.

Denise Fox is suspicious of Amy Branning in EastEnders

Denise Fox is sure that Amy Branning is up to something! (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Bailey comes home! 

Meanwhile, Denise Fox is suspicious that young Amy Branning is up to no good when she sees her looking shifty in the market.

Later, Amy sneaks off to the allotments where runaway Bailey Baker (opens in new tab) is hiding out.

As Amy sets off for home, Denise springs the both of them. She’s astonished that Amy knew where a missing Bailey was all along and didn’t tell her worried family.

Grabbing the pair, Denise marches them back home, much to the stunned delight of the Baker family. They are flooded with relief to have Bailey back home.

Mick breaks down when he sees Bailey in EastEnders

Mitch Baker is emotional when daughter Bailey Baker returns home

Bailey’s dad Mitch Baker breaks down, overcome with emotion. He promises Bailey that she has no need to worry about money, as he has his job back now. 

Bernie also reveals that she’s got a ‘bonus’ coming. Karen is suspicious about Bernie’s claim and asks her why she’s getting extra money. Panicking, Bernie quickly makes up a lie to ensure Karen doesn’t guess about her surrogacy plan.

Nancy's words of wisdom 

Mick Carter is feeling stuck as he tries to write his victim impact statement about his childhood abuse at the hands of Katy Lewis. His daughter Nancy Carter comes into the Vic for a catch up. 

Nancy makes out that her new digs with Sharon Beale are working out brilliantly. But when she realises her mum Linda Carter isn’t around, she makes a confession, revealing that she hates living there! Can Mick convince his daughter to make up with Linda and return home? (opens in new tab)

When Nancy sees that Mick is feeling conflicted about writing his statement, she gives him some encouragement, saying he should read it in court himself.

Realising the wisdom in Nancy’s words, Mick forges ahead with his statement. What he doesn’t know is that Katy is right outside the Vic… What is she doing in Albert Square?

Sharon Beale is getting heartily sick of her newfound brother Zack Hudson’s shenanigans and she tells him he needs to stop bringing women back to the flat and get himself a job!

Zack goes for a job in Ruby's in EastEnders

Zack Hudson is after a job - and Ruby!

When Martin Fowler gets back from Kush Kazemi’s funeral in Dubai, he bumps into Sharon who tells him she sent Zack to see Martin’s wife Ruby Fowler about getting work at the club.

Martin heads off to find Ruby and is unimpressed to discover Zack flirting with his wife...

Also, Sonia Fowler returns after her trip to Dubai with gifts for Dotty Cotton and Tiff Butcher-Baker.

Dotty is sniffy about the fact that Sonia’s been spending their gran Dot Branning’s money on splashing out.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.30 pm.

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