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EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell gets himself arrested!

Ben Mitchell gets to know Hugo in the Prince Albert in EastEnders.

Ben Mitchell makes a costly mistake, Linda Carter faces her nemesis, and Mitch Baker discovers a secret in the Atkins’s house.

Ben Mitchell gets himself in trouble with the law in Monday's episode of EastEnders (8 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Danny learns of Callum’s involvement with the police in EastEnders

Callum Highway interupts when Danny Hardcastle meets up with Ben Mitchell in the club

Ben Mitchell is going ahead with his plan to meet up with gangster Danny Hardcastle, despite struggling with his hearing loss. Ben, however, has a plan over how to stay in control.

Meanwhile, his boyfriend Callum Highway is all set for his police assessment when he learns from Ruby Allen that Ben is in the club. Suspicious over what he’s planning, Callum turns up. Ben is alarmed by Callum’s arrival, but he makes it clear he’s there to help. When Danny finds out that Callum is applying to be in the police service he becomes threatening.

With things threatening to get out of hand, Ben is forced to reveal his hearing loss. Furious over how things have gone down, Ben lashes out at Callum before storming off. Drowning his sorrows in The Prince Albert, Ben shares a few drinks with a fellow punter Hugo. After getting close, Ben decides to steal Hugo’s car! But things are about to get tricky for Ben when he is pulled over by the cops and arrested! How will he get himself out of this fix?

Isaac diffuses a situation at the school in EastEnders

New teacher Isaac Baptiste helps out a faltering Linda Carter

Linda Carter is making good progress staying on the wagon after the latest session with her support group. When Linda insists on fetching her son Ollie Carter from school, however, mum-in-law Shirley Carter is seriously concerned about Linda’s ability to cope with the other mums. At the school, Linda bravely apologises to her tormentor Shelley for her behaviour when she was drinking.

Instead of accepting the apology Shelley decides to dig her out and embarrass her with some home truths. As things threaten to get nasty, new teacher Isaac Baptiste intervenes and asks Linda to help out at the school.

Chantelle Atkins goes above and beyond in her new job in the call centre, leaving boss Kheerat Panesar impressed with her work ethic. But the pressure of managing work and looking after the household starts to get to Chantelle, who is relieved when her dad Mitch Baker offers to help out. Chantelle is horrified, however, when Mitch finds her hubby Gray Atkins’ card for his therapist. Will Mitch start asking some awkward questions?

Also, Ian Beale continues to struggle with his guilt over Dennis Rickman’s death. Meanwhile, Ash Panesar and girlfriend Iqra Ahmed fall out over Ash’s mum Suki Panesar.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.30 pm