EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell rescues Bobby Beale from a beating!

EastEnders Ben Mitchell and Bobby Beale
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Ben Mitchell saves Bobby Beale from a raging Max Branning, Jack Branning is concerned about a shaken Tiffany Butcher, and Mariam Arshad has suspicions...

Max Branning is towering over a terrified Bobby Beale, as Bobby’s uncle Ben Mitchell arrives home just in time to save him! He angrily forces Max to leave then attempts to comfort Bobby, but only upsets him further. Max is on the warpath and confronts Bobby’s grandma Kathy Beale, demanding to know why she didn’t tell him that Bobby was back in Walford, as Bobby ruined his life!

Worried for Bobby, Kathy rushes home and ends up breaking down on Ben. She admits that she doesn’t know what to do. Meanwhile, Max is still raging and he vents about Bobby’s reappearance to wife Rainie Branning.

EastEnders Jack Branning and Tiffany Butcher

Jack Branning offers to support to Tiffany Butcher

Keegan Baker is put out when he sees that Tiffany Butcher is distracted by a group of lads and he storms off, leaving her on her own. Tiff is furious with Keegan over his attitude and they have a huge argument. Left on her own in the café, Tiff is downbeat. When a protective Jack Branning sees Tiff he’s worried about her. Will he find out what’s wrong and is there more to it than a falling out with Keegan?

Mariam Ahmed invites Adam Bateman and Honey Mitchell for dinner

Mariam Ahmed invites Adam Bateman and Honey Mitchell for dinner

Mariam Ahmed wasn’t willing to believe Billy Mitchell’s revelation about her granddaughter Habiba Ahmed’s affair with her former foster son Adam Bateman. But it’s been playing on her mind and she talks to hubby Arshad Ahmed about finding Habiba a husband.

Mariam wants to talk about it with Habiba’s sister Iqra Ahmed, and sets out to find her. When she spots Adam with girlfriend Honey Mitchell her suspicions are aroused, and she starts to wonder if Billy was telling the truth after all.

Also, Mo Harris encourages Kush Kazemi to get things back on an even keel with Stacey Fowler before his girlfriend Kat Moon’s relationship with her cousin and bestie Stacey is ruined forever.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday at 8.00 pm

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