EastEnders spoilers: Callum Highway jilted at the altar?!

Callum is waiting at the altar in EastEnders

Callum Highway fears a wedding day disaster, Nancy Carter makes a flirty new friend and runaway Bailey Baker is in danger!

Callum Highway is desperate when Ben Mitchell goes missing on their wedding day in Monday’s episode of EastEnders (8pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Callum Highway wakes up full of fears on the morning of his wedding to Ben Mitchell. On what should be the best day of his life, he’s worried that his recent little revelation (opens in new tab) could mean Ben has dumped him for good!

Callum confessed to Ben that he was spying on his dad Phil Mitchell behind his back, on the orders of his corrupt police boss DI Thompson. Needless to say, the news didn’t go down well with Ben…

Whether the wedding goes ahead or not all rests on Ben’s ability to deal with what Callum has done and believe his heartfelt plea that he loves him.

Kathy wants Phil to speak to Ben in EastEnders

Kathy Beale asks Phil Mitchell to speak to Ben Mitchell (Image credit: Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Callum’s not the only one concerned that Ben’s going to leave him waiting at the altar. Ben’s mum Kathy Beale also has her doubts. She confronts Phil and pleads with him to speak to his son. A stony-faced Ben listens on as Phil tries to convince him not to give up on Callum but he seems far from convinced. 

Phil learns the truth about Callum!

Meanwhile, Callum and his brother Stuart Highway and nan Violet Highway make their way to the register office. When news reaches the wedding party that Ben is nowhere to be found, an alarmed Stuart rushes out, determined to track him down.

At the Arches, Phil finds Ben. He’s still in the dark about what Callum has been up to and, realising that something is really wrong, he demands that Ben tell him the truth. 

Knowing that Phil would be out for blood if he ever learned of Callum’s betrayal, Ben keeps his silence. But his attempt to protect his groom-to-be is shattered after Phil later bumps into Stuart, who lets slip that Callum was working undercover on him. Is Callum in danger?

Nancy makes a new connection

Linda Carter is still mithering over her daughter Nancy Carter’s decision not to have kids, sure that she’ll regret it if she makes a final decision now. The pair have seriously fallen out over Nancy’s revelation and Sharon Beale finds Nancy sleeping at the gym!

Taking Nancy back home with her, Sharon gets her to open up and Nancy reveals all about falling out with her mum. It’s not long before Sharon’s flirty brother Zack Hudson appears, turning his charm on Nancy.

After heading over to Ruby’s for a drink, Zack asks if he can do anything to help. When Nancy jokes the only thing she needs is her toothbrush, a cheeky Zack gets an idea. Heading over to the Vic to rescue her toothbrush from the Vic flat, Zack gets more than he bargained for…

Bailey is confronted by a gang!

Bailey Baker is still sleeping rough in the underpass (opens in new tab), with loyal dog Banjo to guard her. When a group of nasty kids steal her bag, a protective Banjo bounds off after them to get it back.

Bailey has been robbed in EastEnders

Bailey Baker is left terrified after being robbed (Image credit: Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Later, Bailey’s brother Keegan Baker finds Banjo, who has been injured. The family are terrified that something awful has happened to a missing Bailey.

Meanwhile, a tearful Bailey is on the hunt for her dog when she encounters a man called Reg, who claims he recognises her. He tells Bailey that he was friends with her mum. Is he telling the truth?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.30 pm.

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