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EastEnders spoilers: Evie Steele plants a passionate kiss on Tiffany!

EastEnders Evie Steele and Tiffany Butcher
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Evie plays games with Tiffany and Bernadette, Rainie takes on too much and collapses, and Mick is still struggling with his time in prison

Tiffany has spent the night at Bernadette’s and she sneaks out first thing in the morning. After heading to the café, she meets up with Evie, but she feels uncomfortable when Evie flirts with her. When Evie accuses Tiff of leading on Bernadette, a defensive Tiffany denies it.

Meanwhile, Karen attempts to give Bernadette a makeover but it ends up in disaster when the bathroom gets destroyed! Spotting Tiffany with Evie, Bernadette is left heartbroken when she sees Evie making a show of kissing Tiffany in front of her.

Max is getting stressed as he plans baby Abi’s first birthday party. When he’s called into work, he asks Jack to look after Abi, frustrating Rainie who feels left out. Determined to get involved, Rainie offers to collect Abi’s birthday cake. But she ends up having a dizzy spell and she drops it. Attempting to make things right, Rainie takes on too much and she collapses. Max returns home to find a crying Abi, with Rainie on the floor…

EastEnders Linda Carter with Mick Carter

Linda comforts Mick when he has a nightmare

Linda is concerned about Mick as he’s still not right. She realises that prison has taken its toll on him and she tries her best to reassure her husband. But will her words help?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday