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EastEnders spoilers: Honey Mitchell learns the shock truth about cheating Adam!

EastEnders Billy Mitchell

Honey is stunned when Billy says Adam is cheating, Callum comforts Ben when he gets nostalgic over his dead ex, and Kim and Chantelle continue to bicker.

Honey is worried about breaking the news to Billy that she’s moving in with Adam tomorrow. When she broaches the subject she’s quite surprised about how relaxed he seems to be. After he invites her to a family meal, Honey arrives to find Billy without the children and demands to know what he’s up to.

Billy blurts out that Adam has been cheating on her! Honey is taking aback and, upset by his words, she tells him off for telling lies and trying to ruin things between her and Adam. Honey heads over to the new flat to see Adam but will she say anything about Billy’s shock accusation?

Callum and Whitney plan a housewarming party and Callum asks Stuart to come along. The party gets underway but things soon start to get out of hand. Ben turns up drunk and he ends up in his late ex Paul Coker’s old room. When Callum finds him in there, an upset Ben opens up about losing the love of his life.

Denise is desperate to stop the feud between Kim and Chantelle for the sake of her own sanity in the salon! Despite getting the ladies to work together to impress an important customer, Kim still can't resist making digs at Chantelle. Denise despairs and Jack promises to do his best to help take Denise’s mind off her work dramas.

EastEnders Jean Slater and Mo Harris

There's a frosty atmosphere between the Slaters

Also, Jean and Mo are shocked at the frosty atmosphere between Kat and Stacey. Mick loses out on a Spice Girls competition to win tickets to another caller, Terry.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 7.30 pm