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EastEnders spoilers: Is someone shooting at Ian Beale?!

Ian is living in fear in EastEnders

EastEnders spoilers - Ian Beale is terrified for his life when a bang goes off in the Queen Vic, Tina Carter fears for her freedom and Billy Mitchell makes a mistake.

Ian Beale fears for his life in Monday’s episode of EastEnders (8pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Ian Beale has been living in fear ever since he was attacked and left for dead in the Queen Victoria. Although he managed to survive the injuries that saw him lying wounded on the pub floor, the culprit has never been found. 

Now that he’s out of hospital and back in the Square, he’s not feeling the holiday cheer despite Christmas being just around the corner. Instead, Ian is paranoid that someone is still out for his blood and won’t stop before they see him dead. 

From outside the Vic, a loud bang is heard! Kathy Beale and Sharon Beale are horrified and rush to the pub to find out what’s going on. Fearing that Ian’s been shot, they burst in to find Ian cowering under the table. 

He’s okay… For now.

Kathy wants her family together for Christmas in EastEnders

Kathy wants her family together for Christmas in EastEnders

Kathy makes a firm decision to reunite the fractured Beale family and insists she wants everyone together for Christmas Day. Kathy encourages Ian’s brother Ben Mitchell and his sons Peter Beale and Bobby Beale to meet up with Ian in the Vic and mend some bridges. 

The lads are not happy about it but they agree for Kathy’s sake. As the conversation turns to the incident in the Vic earlier, suspicions start to rise over what really happened.

Tina is terrified in EastEnders

Not even sister Shirley Carter can save Tina Carter this time!

Tina Carter is terrified that she’s in big trouble with the law. Realising what a state Tina is in, Whitney Dean tries to reassure her, promising her that Gray Atkins will clear her name. 

The police turn up at Gray’s house with questions over Tina’s movements at the time of the earlier incident in the Vic and they also have questions about Ian’s attack. 

Tina is distraught when she is taken to the police station for further questioning and is shocked by what she is told.

Linda Carter is feeling guilty about the breakdown of her marriage to Mick Carter. She tries to work out how Mick is feeling, still holding out hope that his wall of silence will crack. But when Mick seems completely disinterested in having a heart-to-heart with her, Linda is despondent. 

Max Branning finds Linda in the Square and she reveals that Mick doesn’t care about her. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Mick is at the window of his flat as he watches Linda talk to Max.

Karen Taylor is gutted when Gray Atkins tells her and Mitch Baker that he’s keeping their grandkids Mack and Mia Atkins with him on Christmas Day. Karen was desperate to have a happy family Christmas with the kids at a time when they will miss their late mum Chantelle Atkins more than ever. 

Feeling Karen’s pain, Mitch tells her that they don’t need to celebrate Christmas and he’ll make sure the house is a festive-free zone. 

Later, however, an unwitting Billy puts his foot in it when he has a surprise for Karen, jumping out on her in a Christmas outfit. What will Karen say?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.30 pm.