EastEnders spoilers: Karen Taylor faces a terrifying threat!

Karen Taylor is terrified in EastEnders
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Karen Taylor could be in big trouble, Isaac Baptiste makes a very risky decision and Nancy Carter is horrified when Ollie has an accident in her care

Karen Taylor is left a terrifying message in Friday’s episode of EastEnders (8.35 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Karen and Bernie find a threatening letter at home in EastEnders

Karen Taylor gets home to find the room trashed!

Karen Taylor is still feeling rattled after a threatening phone call demanding she repay a debt. When she and daughter Bernie Taylor get home they are horrified to find the living room has been turned over.

Not only that, a nasty message has been left warning Karen to pay up or else.

Mitch Baker soon works out that Karen is being hounded by loan sharks. Feeling at a loss over how to raise the money to pay them off, Karen remembers the conversation she heard between Stuart Highway and Rainie Highway...

The couple were talking about finding a surrogate and it gives Karen an idea. She wonders if she should offer to have their baby for them!

Bernie can’t believe that Karen would consider having a baby in return for cash and she tells her mum she shouldn’t get mixed up in it. But is that really the end of the matter?

Isaac talks to Lola about his schizophrenia in EastEnders

Isaac Baptiste has some explaining to do to Patrick Trueman

Patrick Trueman is still stunned after son Isaac Baptiste’s confession that he’s been hiding his schizophrenia from him. He can’t believe that both Isaac and his mum Sheree Trueman could have lied to him for so long.

Sheree tries to smooth things over, saying they didn’t want to stress him out as they were concerned that he may have another stroke.

Patrick insists that Isaac has nothing to be ashamed of and Sheree agrees, although it’s clear she has a different opinion...

Lola Pearce has questions in EastEnders

Lola Pearce is shocked by Isaac's revelation (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

When Patrick talks to Isaac about the similarities between him and Paul, it sets Isaac thinking. He tells girlfriend Lola Pearce that Paul was misunderstood and wonders if maybe his diagnosis could be a mistake.

When he sees doctor Ash Panesar he does some subtle digging. Bringing up the fact that Patrick’s due to go on a stroke trial, he asks if doctors can get things wrong for ethnic minorities.

Without going into details, Ash concedes that some conditions are more likely to be misdiagnosed. But her comments hit home with Isaac, whose mind whirs. Is he about to do something that may harm him?

Mick Carter has agreed to take daughter Frankie on another driving lesson. He’s supposed to be looking after son Ollie Carter and, not imagining there would be a problem, asks daughter Nancy Carter if she could babysit him.

However, Nancy is clearly fearful of being left alone with Ollie, even though she agrees to take him to the park. When Ollie falls after Nancy’s back is turned she feels terrible.

Mick wonders if Nancy needs a bit of father-daughter time as he’s been busy with Frankie. He arranges to spend time with Nancy. Will she open up to him?

Billy Mitchell is still fuming about Amy Branning trolling his daughter Janet Mitchell. Although he promised not to stir the pot with Amy’s dad Jack Branning, he tells Janet’s mum Honey Mitchell that it’s important he talks to him.

Honey is hesitant, while son Will Mitchell reminds Billy not to lose his cool and instead talk things through sensibly. When Honey later sees Amy she confronts her firmly but politely about her attitude to Janet.

Will Amy give her the apology she wants?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday 8.05 pm.

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