EastEnders spoilers: Has Keanu Taylor got a bombshell for Sharon?

EastEnders Keanu Taylor and Sharon Mitchell
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Keanu has something he desperately wants to tell Sharon, Mel makes plans to leave Walford with Hunter and Ian is in a sticky position with an upset Jean!

Keanu is still desperately missing Sharon and he tries to have a few minutes with her. Sharon gives Keanu a reality check and she makes a swift exit when Phil calls about a business meeting with Mel.

Sharon’s concerned when Phil brings up Spain, worried he wants to move out there. After taking him for lunch at the Vic to talk things through, she’s touched when Phil suggests she take the reins at the club. He also reassures her that he doesn’t want to leave Albert Square.

Seeing Sharon in the Vic, Keanu takes the opportunity to speak to her when she goes into the ladies. Sharon is left conflicted. But what did Keanu have to say?

EastEnders Mel Owen Hunter OWen and DS Barnes

DS Barnes visits Mel and Hunter

Mel’s concerns about Hunter grow and she locks him in the house while she visits Phil. After offering to sell Phil her half of the club she backs out when Phil will only make her a low offer. While she’s at the Mitchells’ Hunter calls to say the police have turned up.

When Mel gets home she discovers the police are there to talk to her about Hunter and the threats he made to Maddie and Nicola. At her wit’s end, Mel decides to accept Phil’s offer after all and she tells Hunter they are moving away from Walford.

At the Slaters’ Stacey feels bad about being so down on Martin. She tries to make things up to him by arranging lunch. When she tells Martin that Jay spent the night with Ruby, however, she ends up getting annoyed by his less than favourable reaction.

Meanwhile, Jean is still smarting after Ian’s unfair comments and she confides her hurt in Shirley. When Shirley tells Jean to have it out with Ian, Jean ends up breaking up with him. Even more outraged by Ian’s response, she throws a drink over him. Kat joins in and chucks another drink over Ian, annoyed that he’s wound up Jean!

EastEnders Masood Ahmed and Mick Carter

Masood has exciting news

Also, Linda’s impatient to know what’s going on when Tamwar keeps calling Mick, but Mick keeps missing his calls. Just as Mick finally speaks to Tamwar, Masood interrupts with some surprising news…

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday

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