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EastEnders spoilers: Keanu Taylor strips for a sexy selfie!

EastEnders Keanu Taylor
(Image credit: BBC)

Keanu Taylor may prove too hot to handle for Sharon Mitchell, Mel is suspicious of Hunter and Ray, and Shirley makes an accusation against Linda.

Keanu and Sharon are still completely smitten with each other as their affair continues to hot up. Keen to show Sharon what she’s got to look forward to, Keanu strips off to take a few sexy snaps.

Only trouble is… Bernadette walks in on him! She’s horrified and Keanu is left red-faced. Still determined to become a mini cab driver, Keanu is deflated when he finds out he’s not old enough.

Sharing his woes with Sharon ends up leaving her in shock, as she didn’t know how young he was. With the age gap becoming every more apparent, Sharon is left with a big decision to make…

EastEnders Mel Owen Hunter Owen

Mel Owen is furious in EastEnders

Hunter is in shock after making a discovery about Ray and he decides that he’s got to share the truth with Mel. But when Ray turns up Hunter is stopped from confessing and storms off before he can tell his mum anything.

Catching up with Hunter, Ray spins him a story in a bid to cover his tracks. When Hunter is sceptical, Ray realises he needs to be honest. At the E20, Mel turns up and is furious to find Hunter sharing a drink with Ray. He quickly covers for Ray. But Ray is up to no good as he continues to slip him more drinks.

Linda is convinced that something’s not right with Mick and is determined to do something about it. Tina and Shirley want to help but Linda insists they back off. Shirley is angry, accusing Linda of giving up on Mick. When Linda later talks to Sharon she admits that she threw the gun in the canal to protect her husband.

Also, Tiffany does her best to impress Jagger but is left humiliated.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday