EastEnders spoilers: Linda Carter puts Ollie Carter in TERRIFYING danger

Linda Carter drops Ollie Carter at school in EastEnders

Linda Carter leaves Ollie Carter alone, Patrick Trueman wants the truth from Sheree Trueman and Kat Moon is given some hope.

Linda Carter’s drinking puts her son Ollie Carter in harm’s way in Monday’s episode of EastEnders (8pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Linda Carter is embarassed in front of Sharon Mitchell when her card is declined

Linda Carter is horrified when her card is declined in the Minute Mart

Linda Carter is hungover yet again as she drops her young son Ollie Carter off at school. It’s not long before she ends up in a row with her nemesis, fellow mum, Shelley. Unable to deal with seeing Shelley again, Linda asks Chantelle Atkins to pick up Ollie later when she gets her own kids.

Later that day, Linda feels humiliated when her card is declined. She is furious when she discovers that husband Mick Carter has put a stop on it, in a bid to curb her drinking. Best mate Sharon Mitchell tries to calm down Linda but she goes on the attack.

Drunken Linda Carter puts Ollie in danger...

When Chantelle turns up to drop off Ollie she realises Linda is drunk. After gently trying to take charge of things, she’s taken aback when Linda explodes. Realising that Ollie has seen her outburst, Linda feels ashamed. But things are about to get much worse when Linda falls into a drunken sleep leaving Ollie in danger…

Patrick Trueman confronts Sheree Trueman in EastEnders

Patrick Trueman asks Sheree Trueman to be honest with him

Denise Fox is back in the Square and she realises she has some making up to do. After meeting Sheree Trueman’s son Isaac Baptiste, Denise apologises to Sheree for coming to the wrong conclusions.

Sheree’s marriage seems to be back on track, but her husband Patrick Trueman is still suspicious he doesn’t know the whole story. When Patrick confronts Sheree will she tell him the truth about her son?

Whitney Dean confesses to Kat Moon that her tormentor Leo King has hold of her log book that details his behaviour towards her. Kat is concerned, and she’s still worried that boyfriend Kush Kazemi will be in trouble with the police for Leo’s fall from the Prince Albert balcony. Jack Branning, however, gives her some hope when he reveals that the police have evidence that could help Kush. Is he off the hook?

Also, Vinny Panesar is alarmed when Ash Panesar’s girlfriend Iqra Ahmed invites herself to a family dinner with their mum Suki Panesar.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.30 pm.

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