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EastEnders spoilers: Linda Carter reaches her limit with Mick

Linda Carter has made Ollie a costume in EastEnders

EastEnders spoilers - Linda Carter faces more upset from husband Mick Carter, Tina Carter’s plan to get Ian Beale backfires and Kheerat Panesar gives Peter Beale a warning.

Linda Carter is determined to sort out hubby Mick Carter in Thursday’s episode of EastEnders (7.35 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Mick Carter does his best to be supportive of wife Linda Carter. She’s made their son Ollie Carter a costume for her business idea, hoping to win the Lucy Beale Award money.

Although she doubts that she’ll win the award, Max Branning encourages her to try. When Linda leaves the room, Mick’s facade drops and it’s clear he’s still in a dark place (opens in new tab). After Mick later upsets Linda, she makes a call. What is she up to?

Tina asks Kathy if she can stay with her in EastEnders

Tina Carter found out about Kathy Beale's problems with Ian Beale (Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Meanwhile, Mick is unaware of his aunt Tina Carter’s plot to get the Queen Vic pub back for him. But both Tina and Mick’s mum Shirley Carter are disappointed to see that their plan to take down pub owner Ian Beale has failed miserably.

Instead of being smeared in the Walford Gazette article, he’s been made out to look like a hero. Suspicious that something has gone down between Ian and his mum Kathy Beale, Shirley points out that Kathy might have more information. Not wanting to let out Kathy’s secret, Tina keeps her mouth shut. Shirley insists that if Tina knows something that could help Mick, she should tell her everything.

Kheerhat warns Peter in EastEnders

Kheerat Panesar gives Peter Beale a warning

Kheerat Panesar has a word with Peter Beale, warning him that Peter’s dad Ian shouldn’t be messing with the Panesar family. Peter, however, tells Kheerat to save his words as his dad’s actions have nothing to do with him. After seeing Kheerat and Peter talking, Kathy Beale confronts Peter and gives him some advice.

Also, DI Thompson threatens Callum Highway, insisting he needs to step up and get Phil Mitchell sent to prison.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday 8 pm.

Rachel Lucas
Rachel Lucas

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