EastEnders Spoilers: Linda Carter finds Mick Carter in bed with Hayley Slater!

EastEnders Spoilers: Linda Carter finds Mick Carter in bed with Hayley Slater!
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Linda returns home to a nasty surprise, Shakil considers and offers and Martin finds out the truth about Stacey and Hayley setting him up.

Linda gets back from her mum’s, heads up to the bedroom, and finds Hayley Slater in the bed with Mick! She is absolutely furious and throws Hayley out of The Vic. A horrified Mick insists that he didn’t even know Hayley was there. A bitter Linda blames Stuart’s influence and tells Mick to get rid of him. When Mick talks to Stuart he realises that Stuart set him up. But why?

Stacey doesn’t know that Martin still has his eye on Hayley and she plucks up the courage to ask him out for a drink. When he is not particularly enthusiastic, and upset Stacey storms off. Martin has been considering asking out Hayley but witnessing the aftermath of the situation with Mick, he decides to steer clear of her. Bex tells Martin that if he’s thinking about going out with anyone, it should be Sonia…

However, Martin always finds it difficult resisting Stacey, and when she texts him he heads to hers to talk to her. She eventually admits that she’s still in love with him. The spark re-ignites between the pair but Hayley is in the house… When she comes downstairs the penny drops. Martin realises that Stacey and Hayley are related and they set him up! He storms out and joins Sonia for a romantic meal.

Also, Keegan talks Shakil into applying for the summer school.

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