EastEnders spoilers: Martin Fowler has a birthday disaster!

EastEnders Martin Fowler opens his birthday presents
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Martin Fowler rocks his marriage, Phil Mitchell ends up in a deadly situation, and Rainie Branning's date with Stuart Highway goes badly...

EastEnders’ Martin Fowler is in a bad mood on his birthday as there’s tension between him and wife Stacey Fowler. Not in the mood to celebrate his birthday, Martin rushes out first thing to work on the stall. Kush Kazemi realises his mate is feeling down and he encourages him to go for a birthday drink.

In the pub, it’s not long before Martin tells Kush’s girlfriend Kat Moon to join them. At the Slaters’, Mo Harris encourages Stacey to make things up to Martin. Stacey realises that she’s been a bit harsh and she heads out to The Vic to find him.

When she discovers him sitting down with her arch enemy Kat, she’s furious. Matters are made even worse when Ruby Allen turns up with Max Branning in tow. Kat tries to keep the peace but Stacey goes off the deep end. It’s too much for Martin, who storms out.

Keanu Taylor is alarmed when he realises that boss Phil Mitchell is still involved in some pretty dodgy business. When Keanu tells Phil he should cut ties with his criminal contacts for the sake of their unborn children, Phil is outraged by his cheek.

With Phil unwilling to do anything about it, Keanu takes matters into his own hands. Infuriated by Keanu’s meddling, Phil threatens Keanu in front of everyone in the pub. When a drunk Kat Moon winds up Phil about the stolen money, Phil is pushed over the edge and he threatens her young son Tommy Moon.

EastEnders Ben Mitchell talks to Sharon Mitchell

Ben is stunned by Sharon's shock news (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Meanwhile, Phil’s wife Sharon Mitchell stirs the pot by accidentally revealing to Phil’s son Ben Mitchell that he’s put Keanu in his will instead of Ben. Furious, Ben calls Keanu and tells him to meet him in The Arches.

Phil goes to the Arches and the day’s events catch up with him as he gets into a horrifying fight. Phil loses control of the situation and is left seriously injured…

Rainie Branning agrees to go on a date with Stuart Highway, who is chuffed she’s said yes. He asks Billy Mitchell about a good place to take her but realises it might be a bigger ask than he first thought.

Also, Bernadette Taylor is stunned to find her mum Karen Taylor on a date with businesswoman Caren.

Bobby Beale offers to help out at dad Ian Beale’s restaurant.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 7.30 pm

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