EastEnders spoilers: Patrick Trueman opens up to his son

Patrick Trueman in EastEnders
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Patrick Trueman prompts a confession from son Isaac Baptiste, Honey Mitchell makes an alarming discovery and Karen Taylor has money troubles

Patrick Trueman gives Isaac Baptiste food for thought in Thursday’s episode of EastEnders (7.35 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Patrick Trueman is mystified as to why son Isaac Baptiste has been in such a terrible mood since yesterday. When he brings it up with Kim Fox, she guiltily admits that she told him that his brother Paul Trueman was murdered.

A worried Sheree Trueman overhears Kim’s confession and it sends alarm bells over why Isaac went off the deep end. She checks in with her son and asks him if he’s taking his meds for his schizophrenia.

Sheree checks in with Isaac in EastEnders

Sheree Trueman has a concerned chat with son Isaac Baptiste

Isaac tells Sheree that he was shocked that he’d been lied to about his brother. He reveals it has given him food for thought and he’s decided he wants to be honest about his condition with his family and friends.

Sheree is insistent that it’s a terrible idea and wants him to promise to keep it a secret, concerned that news of his condition might make people treat him differently.

Later, Patrick has an honest chat with Isaac about Paul, saying he feels like he failed his son. He claims that if only Paul felt he could have opened up to him about the trouble he was in then his murder could have been prevented.

Taking Patrick’s words to heart, Isaac realises that he doesn’t want to lie to his dad any longer. He tells him about his condition but what will Patrick say? And will Sheree be horrified?

Janet has a growing online following in EastEnders

Why is Janet Mitchell so obsessed with her phone?

Billy Mitchell is worried that his daughter Janet Mitchell has been glued to her phone. In the cafe, he brings up his concerns with Janet’s mum Honey Mitchell. They start talking about Janet’s growing social media following and Janet’s brother Will Mitchell feels left out.

When Honey later gets a call from Will’s school she’s horrified to find out he’s been in a fight. Questioning her son, she is worried when he reveals that the fight kicked off because Amy Branning was posting nasty things about Janet online.

Billy is furious with Amy for trolling his daughter and he claims he’s going to go straight round to Amy’s dad Jack Branning and have words. Honey manages to convince Billy that it’s not a good idea as they need to put Janet first and not let this turn into a shouting match.

Stuart has presents for Zara in EastEnders

Stuart Highway makes an effort for his daughter Zara but is it in vain?

Stuart Highway is looking forward to seeing daughter Zara on her birthday and he’s got a stack of gifts for her. When wife Rainie Highway later notices his odd mood, she manages to get it out of him that Zara didn’t bother to turn up.

Meanwhile, Bernie Taylor talks to mum Karen Taylor about the date she’s got lined up with Molly. While they talk they overhear Rainie and Stuart discussing their decision to try and find a surrogate after Tiffany Butcher-Baker let them down.

Karen then gets an alarming call… She’s menaced by someone who tells her they want the money she owes them or she’s in big trouble. What has Karen got herself into now?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday 8.35 pm.

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