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EastEnders spoilers: Patrick Trueman vows to protect Denise Fox!

Patrick Trueman is back from Trinidad in EastEnders

Patrick Trueman is determined to keep Lucas Johnson away from Denise Fox, Ruby Fowler gives Stacey Slater a warning and Jay Mitchell has a confession

Patrick Trueman is convinced he has to do things his own way to help Denise in Tuesday’s episode of EastEnders (7.30 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Patrick Trueman and Kim Fox turn up on copper Jack Branning’s doorstep. After Denise Fox’s recent terrifying run in with her murderous ex Lucas Johnson, they want something done to keep him out of Denise’s life for good.

With Lucas now out of prison, is there anything Jack can do to help?

Patrick realises that Jack’s hands may be tied but he’s determined not to let Denise suffer. It took her years to get back on track following her ordeal at the hands of Lucas and he doesn’t want her to go through the same thing again.

Pushing ahead with his own plan to keep Lucas out of all their lives, he takes matters into his own hands by visiting Phil Mitchell… But now he’s crossed a line has he only made things even worse for Denise?

Kush puts his foot in it in EastEnders

Ruby Allen learns some disturbing news from Kush Kazemi

Ruby Fowler is still silently stewing following hubby Martin Fowler’s naive declaration that he wants her and his ex-wife Stacey Slater to go back to being friends! Unable to keep her anger to herself any longer, she confronts Stacey, telling her former best mate that she wants her to stay right out of her marriage!

Thinking that’s an end to things, Ruby is relieved, but there’s more trouble in store. Kush Kazemi accidentally lets slip to Ruby that Stacey is keen on getting back with Martin! What will Ruby do to ensure that she keeps her husband firmly by her side and not straying to be with his ex?

Jay Mitchell and Honey Mitchell are still feeling awkward following their surprise kiss at the community Christmas party. The fact that Honey’s ex Billy Mitchell saw them puckering up has added an extra problem.

Determined to do the right thing, Jay tells Honey that the kiss was a big mistake. But does he secretly have feelings for her? And what does Honey feel about him? Whatever they say, after that kiss things are never going to be the same between them again!

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on New Year’s Eve at 7.30 pm