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EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell is back and Sharon is horrified!

Phil arrives at Dennis's wake in EastEnders

Sharon Mitchell is stunned when Phil Mitchell turns up, Linda Carter falls off the wagon and Vinny Panesar bonds with Dotty Cotton

Sharon Mitchell comes face-to-face with her ex Phil Mitchell on the day of her son’s funeral in Monday’s episode of EastEnders (8 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

EastEnders Phil Mitchell played by Steve McFadden

Phil Mitchell confronts Sharon Mitchell for the first time since her son's death (Image credit: BBC/Nicky Johnston)

Sharon Mitchell is in a dark place on the day of her son Dennis Rickman’s funeral. When funeral director Jay Mitchell turns up with flowers from Ben Mitchell and Lola Pearce, Sharon is angry, blaming the Mitchells for Dennis’s death.

Ian Beale, meanwhile, continues to hide the fact that he’d locked Dennis in a room on the ill-fated boat and wasn’t able to save Dennis in time. Dotty Cotton knows the truth and pressures Ian to come clean but instead he keeps his secret and accompanies Sharon to the funeral.

Someone, however, is watching from the shadows… At the wake, Ben defies Sharon to turn up to pay his respects. When things don’t go to plan at the wake, it’s the last straw for Sharon and she has a flip out.

But things are about to get even worse, as Ian tries to calm her down when Sharon sees her estranged husband Phil Mitchell!

Linda finds Shirley's vodka in EastEnders

Linda Carter sneaks a drink from Shirley Carter's stash

Linda Carter is determined to get on with things as she recovers from her alcohol addiction. Despite the stress of agreeing to arrange Dennis’ funeral for her best mate Sharon, Linda insists to the social worker that she can cope.

When Linda misses something at the wake, Sharon has a go at her and Linda is left shaken. Meanwhile, Linda has insisted to husband Mick Carter that she’s ready to return to work behind the bar. It’s not long before she secretly goes searching for mother-in-law Shirley Carter’s bottle of vodka, and pours herself a drink…

Vinny takes his frustrations out graffitiing in EastEnders

Dotty Cotton catches Vinny Panesar with a spray can

Vinny Panesar is still at odds with his mum Suki Panesar following recent events. To take his frustrations out he goes out graffiting. Dotty sees what Vinny is up to and they strike up a friendship. After a run in with Ian, Dotty invites Vinny for a drink.

Also, Habiba Ahmed bonds with Jags Panesar and they kiss.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.30 pm.